Watson Law Offices (WLO) assists companies ranging from small startups to large multinational corporations seeking to employ foreign nationals in the United States.  We work with our clients to prepare successful visa petitions, enabling companies to employ foreign national professionals, managers, and executives–whether you recruit individuals already in the United States or from within the ranks of your own overseas affiliates.  WLO is routinely retained by U.S. and multinational Corporations, law firms, CPA firms, and financial institutions involved in assisting foreign companies and individuals seeking to establish a business presence in the United States.  Seeking the right to live, work and learn in the United States is a complex process that has been made even more difficult by constantly changing laws that create the risk of permanent bars for seemingly small errors or oversights. Our experience will help facilitate the immigration process and protect you from making innocent but critical mistakes.

What makes Watson Law Offices different?
You are in business to do business. You are not in business to spend enormous effort trying to figure out how to legally employ foreign nationals that may be vital to your success.  The U.S. immigration laws are extremely complex, and they are designed to make employing foreign nationals difficult.  Watson Law Offices provides the highest level of professional service available to our clients, minimizing the disruption to you and your foreign national employee, while maximizing your company’s protection from liability through full compliance with all regulations.  The hallmark of our service is immediate responsiveness, personalized attention, and the fastest case “turn-around” time available anywhere.